Friday, May 13, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Yes, spring time is here in Texas (well, in all actuality, it's probably already summer with the 90+ temps we've been having) and that means it is time to tackle the front yard landscaping! Hooray! This is Nate & I's first rodeo with landscaping, for our own home that is. We trekked out to Lowe's to stock up on gardening supplies (again, since this is our first time, we had to start from scratch: let's just say Lowe's was probably pretty happy with us when we left). Everything from soil to shovels to hoes to spades to weed cloth... and we still aren't done... we need mulch AND the plants/flowers!

Tomorrow, we will be traveling to the CUTEST garden store ever, and lucky us, it's in our own town: no one hour trip! We have decided on three main areas in our yard: there is a small flower bed under each entry window (either side of the front door) and then our guest bedroom juts out a little bit from the rest of the house and it has its own little flower bed. The two on either side of the doorway get partial sun, while the bed in front of the guest bedroom windows gets full sun.

Our plan:
-Along the house, we would like to get medium height greenery. slim and structured
-At the base of each bed (and in front of the aforementioned greenery) we would like Mexican Grass... it basically looks like hair, but gives such a soft textured appearance: gorgeous!
-Interspersed between the medium height greenery and low Mexican Grass, various floral arrangements... not sure what types of flowers we'd like. Depends on their sun needs, I suppose. 

I will take before, during, and after pictures and update you all soon soon soon! Have a fabulous weekend: TEN MORE SCHOOL DAYS!

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