Thursday, June 9, 2011

4th of July Subway Art: Printable!

Happy summer :)

Full of lazy days, sleeping in, spending time with family and friends...

Oh yeah, and crafting/home decorating!

What a perfect time to create a fun printable to put in a snazzy frame to celebrate the upcoming birthday of our good ol' nation!

This is my first time to embed a Scribd document, so let me know if there are any malfunctions! P.S. this is also a document coming from a Mac, so hopefully the fonts/alignments aren't wonky. It will print out on a regular 8.5''x11'' piece of paper/card stock/whatever tickles your fancy. When you click to download, it will be a pdf :)

I'm totally down for your printing this for your personal use only :) Please leave the "c/o the johnsons" at the bottom of the page and do not delete it. Just for my piece of mind. You're the best!

Enjoy, and happy 4th of July decorating!


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