Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Door Designs!

Hello! Teaching Happily Ever After is hosting another linky party: this time, DOOR DESIGNS! Head over to her blog to check out all sorts of eye-candy that you could use for your classroom door this coming year!

I have two doors that I would like to share: and yes, I've shared them before... but, it's okay!

First, my drug free door :) "We Would Rather Eat Bugs Than Do Drugs!" covered with spiderwebs, spiders that my students made, and a picture of them eating a gummy worm. We won 1st place too!

This was my classroom door this year :) "We Are WILD About Kindergarten!" And all of the students' names are on the monkeys. So fun!

Head over to Teaching Happily Ever After to check out all sorts of fun doors!



  1. That is so darn cute!


  2. I am obsessed with your "bugs not drugs" door!!! I just about died the first time I saw it! I would love for you to feature my blog button :) Stop by my blog and grab it!

    Miss Kindergarten

  3. How fun! I wish we could decorate our doors at my school! boo hooo


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