Sunday, June 5, 2011

Art Journaling

As I continue my search for summer crafts and projects that do NOT involve things related to Kindergarten, I once again have turned to my internet BFF: Pinterest.

This weekend, we were in Tyler visiting Nate's family. We headed over to good ol' Barnes & Noble, where I immediately ventured to the clearance section :) They had books, sure, but what I was interested in was their collection of journals. I had a project in mine and I was eager to begin.

This concept is known as "art journaling", basically creating a journal of your day, but using fun colors and fonts, and no rhyme or reason to the lining up of words or phrases.

I started with my $5 art journal I purchased from B&N and then I pulled my skinny tipped markers (in a cute lil' ol' mason jar for fun)...

This is my title page, basically that has things about me. Again, no rhyme or reason to the colors/lines/fonts, all self expression and FUN (most importantly)!

This was my entry for yesterday. I think I'm going to write the dates on the side of the pages. On the original inspiration photo from Pinterest, the person used a planner (at least it looked like one) so the pages were already dated. Either/or, it's still fun!

Go here to check out the original post that I pinned via Pinterest :)

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  1. i've managed to stay away from pinterest (so far)... this is a great idea, I love it! I like the wide version that you've used here.


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