Monday, June 27, 2011

Freebie, Freebie!

Woo to the Hoo for having over 100 followers! You guys ROCK!

Today, I have a couple of freebies for you that I HOPE you can use! I make my own classroom job cards and classroom center cards and signs (thank you Microsoft Word for the clip art: yep, that's how I roll!). I download cutesy fonts from and also Kevin and Amanda's for my stuff for my classroom. However, I'm not technologically savvy enough to know how to make Scribd keep my cute fonts, therefore I used generic fonts for these documents... So if you ARE savvy, let a girl know :)


I use the cards to make my own pocket chart (with those adhesive pockets you can buy from any education supplier store) and I hang the large sign in each center so the student knows where to go (it matches the card).

If you use a different method for jobs and centers, I hope you enjoy seeing this (even if you can't use it)!

Center Labels

Job Labels

If you can use them, if you like them, or if you just want to be friendly, leave me a comment! :)

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