Monday, June 27, 2011

My Schedule

Here is a copy of my schedule for the coming year. Maybe if you need some inspiration for outlining your day, this will help you!

I will be having 26 Kinder babies this year and my classroom is WAY too small to accommodate all of those moving and discovery and hands-on learning kiddos! Therefore, my principal has hired a full-time aide (as opposed to the part-time aide I had last year) and we have a rotation schedule. When I am teaching half of the kiddos reading and writing, the aide will teach religion and handwriting to the other half of the class. Then we'll switch. When I am teaching math/science/social studies to a group of 13, the aide will observe and monitor center rotations with the other group of 13. Then we'll switch. A little wacky. it's new for EVERYONE, but I'm up to the challenge!

I have named the two groups the "Amazons" and the "Congos" in honor of my jungle theme. Way better than group "1" and "2"! Here's the schedule!

Kindergarten Daily Schedule11-12.2

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  1. If only we had full day kindergarten! You are so lucky!!! I envy that time!!:)


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