Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lesson Plan Template (and 1st week rough draft)!

Here is how I complete lesson plans each week. I have a table for each day, organized by subject, the lesson being taught, and the materials needed. I feel that this is WAY less stressful than having the entire week's worth of lesson plans on one page. I make a packet of sorts, that way I can flip pages for each day. Make sense? No? Then take a look!

(But once again, let me stress that Scribd takes away my cute fonts and the way my pages are aligned. Hmph)
Feel free to use this template for your own use! Just leave some comment love! :)

LPs Aug 15-19


  1. Wow! This makes complete sense!! I love how you set it up, that I am going to beg, that I can borrow this template!! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.


  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have always wanted to try a daily plan instead of a weekly plan but have always struggled to write the this way. Your layout makes more sense than the ones I've seen in the past. I will try it. Liz in South Dakota

  3. Oh, great idea! You've made the wheels start turning...:-)


  4. Love your format! Quick Question... Do you have a handwriting program?

  5. Thanks! My school uses Handwriting Without Tears as our handwriting program. Here is their website! http://www.hwtears.com/hwt


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