Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bedroom Updo: Mirror Addition

So, we have been semi-bad homeowners...

We have lived in our first home for almost a YEAR and out of all of the rooms to "updo" in our house, the room that has been the most neglected is our bedroom. Our BEDROOM, isn't that supposed to be your "safe" place in your house? I mean, yes, it has been painted and we have laid it out/purchased a couple of things. But we really want to make it our favorite place in the house.

(You can check back here to see my inspiration for our bedroom)

Where do I find all of this lovely inspiration? Pinterest, of COURSE. I found this fantastic picture of a room where someone found those cheap-o mirrors that are found in college dorm rooms and are hanging on the back of doors. They used three of these mirrors, hung them horizontally, and made a totally modern and glam arrangement.

Here's their version:

from here

Check out our version!

Sorry for the quality, but you get the idea :)
Totally modern and adds such OOMPH to the bedroom!
Plus all the light reflects off of the mirrors and makes it 18,000 times brighter in our bedroom!

What do ya think? :)

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