Monday, June 27, 2011

My Weekly Newsletter

Every week, I send a newsletter home that stays in the child's take home folder (or binder, I may switch this year: not sure yet). Last year, I had a separate calendar to report behavior (we have a color chart) and the parents initialed that. This year, I'm combining the behavior report with our weekly newsletter that has announcements and homework.

It would be an issue if I knew the parents took the newsletter out and put it on their refrigerator, but my parents didn't do that last year and they all were very informed about what was happening at school. Plus, I send out separate reminder notes for any event that we are having.

Here's a copy: once again, I used cute fonts but I don't know how to make them stay once I upload it to Scribd... so a generic font, it is! Let me know what you think! Also, what does your newsletter look like? Do you have newsletters or something else?

Weekly News and Behavior 2


  1. Love the post....I love to see what others do!
    I send/email a weekly newsletter as well but my kids "color their day" on their monthly calendar. I keep the calendar at the end of the month and it goes in their Data Notebook. I do try to remember to grey out the days we are not in school to avoid coloring in the wrong boxes! But my kindergarteners catch on quickly! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this idea! We do not send newsletters at my current school...I miss them though! I may just have to think something up over the summer!!


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