Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have to Hide Clutter

It's true.

I am the BIGGEST supporter of labeling, sorting, classifying, and any other -ing describing organization. And luckily, my classroom has a plethora of shelving to contain all of my fun madness that involves labels, sorting, and classifying various items throughout my classroom.

Here are my easy-peasy labels: no fance to them, just cute font (Brady Bunch from, cute pop of color, and BAM. Cuteness.

But- some of those shelves that hold your cute organized and labeled containers (or maybe even some things that aren't labeled: GASP) get a little cah-razy midway through the year, especially when five and six year olds get their hands on them.

Enter my sewing machine, some fabric from Walmart, and tension rods.

Not bad at all, actually laid out nicely, but still random and since it is the first thing you see when you come in... yeah...



A little long, but SO cute.

Ignore the messy carpet, randomness in the background. Room isn't set up yet :)

Do you bust out your inner-seamstress all in the name of your classroom? Do tell :)

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  1. Wish I knew how to use the sewing machine that I HAD to have 3 years ago!!!

    I have to use pinking shears and a glue gun! ;)

    Love the labels!


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