Friday, July 1, 2011

Crafty Restroom Passes

Sometimes, it can be a bit aggravating to continually hear "Can I go to the restroom?" 200 times a day.

This year, I'm implementing a new method using cute restroom passes that I made myself. Instead of students asking, if they see the restroom pass is available, they can just take it and go without asking. That way, we won't be interrupted in our day and things will be a bit more fluid. Of course, this will be practiced and the guidelines will be enforced time and time again. They are Kindergarteners, so they will need to realize that going to the restroom isn't "play time", but "do your business and return to class" time.

So: here are my cutesy passes! I could have purchased some... but this was more fun!

First, I purchased some plain, white plastic passes from educational supplier store (they were $1.50 a piece) and then I used scrapbook paper I had on hand. I used my Exact-o knife to cut the paper out by tracing around the plastic pass.

All my cutesy paper cut out and matched up! Black zebra will be on the back of all of the passes (sort of a unifying thing) and then the fronts will be different. Of course I had to use zebra since I have a jungle/animal theme in my classroom!

My best friend :) I used this to adhere the paper and letters to the plastic passes, and then I went over it to make it more glossy and sealed. It's like glue, white- but dries clear.

The finished product! I used my Silhouette to cut the letters out of cardstock.

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