Saturday, July 2, 2011

DIY: Envelope Pillow Cover

I think I've got the sewing bug.

I sewed some curtains for my classroom (go here to see that post on my teacher blog) and now I have made a CUTE envelope pillow cover for one of our "blah" beige throw pillows. An envelope pillow cover is the kind where you stuff the pillow inside (instead of zipping or stitching it shut).

I saw the following video on YouTube and immediately felt two feelings: utter excitement and pure terror.

I was SO excited to get started, but very fearful that I would do it wrong! But I pressed on and I'm so glad I did! I had a couple of snags with my sewing machine and my measurements, but overall it turned out SUPER cute and I want to make about 5,000 more. I just need a larger table and cutting surface!

Here's my version: using my NEW inspiration fabric for our house. Our house was a mish mash of random colors and I want each room to flow into the next, so I'm using this fabric to inspire me. This is a new throw pillow for the living room (which used to have red accents, blah).

This shows the back and how it is an envelope cover, you can see my old beige pillow.

The pups already testing it out! And yes, Oliver got a haircut last night. He looks SO cute!

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  1. great job! I'm getting ready to make one or two...going for this look:

    Happy fourth!


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