Sunday, August 7, 2011

Artists of the Month

We are slowly but surely weeding out our CD collection... because let's be honest, CDs will probably become obsolete within the next few years (and we listen to our satellite radios and iPods anyways). I am trying to buy one new album a month to continually update my music collection (which is uploaded to iTunes and put on my iPod/phone). These posts will share the albums I've purchased!

June/early July purchase: Lady Antebellum "Run To You"
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Favorite song: "I Run To You" because it's so catchy! Good lyrics, good rhythm, good times.

Why purchased: We were driving to San Antonio and it was a beautiful Texas day, so we wanted some good ol' country music to accompany our drive! Lady A won!

Late July purchase: Gungor "Beautiful Things"

picture from here
Favorite song: "We Will Run": Gungor is a Christian rock band and these lyrics sound exactly like a prayer (We will run to You, we will run to You, turning from our sin, we return to You, Father heal Your world, make all things new, make all things new). It's gorgeous, the band's harmonies are absolutely amazing, and it's fantastic to sing for worship!

Why purchased: We were in Kansas for my husband's worship leader conference (NWLC) and every night there were amazing concerts (Nicole C. Mullens, Leeland, Casting Crowns, Kari Jobe... it was amazing)! One night, Gungor was the last set in a group of three worship leaders to sing. I had never heard of Gungor before and Nate warned me they were a little "different". As soon as they struck their firsts chords and vocal harmonies, I was HOOKED. I'm totally for "different" music and Gungor is a seriously talented band. I HIGHLY recommend this CD!

Maybe you will look up these artists and decide you like these albums too! Hope so! :)

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