Sunday, September 25, 2011

I have a button!

I've seen TONS of blogs with buttons: "here, grab my button!", "you read my blog, you should have my button!" etc. etc.

Well everyone, I'm a follower. And now I HAVE A BUTTON. Look to the right: it says "Grab My Button!" Do it. DO IT. Yes, it's a picture of me and my honey. Because our blog is called "The Johnsons" and that's us. Simple :) Just copy the code, go to your Layout tab, click to add a Widget (an HTML Widget), paste, done!

I found this incredibly easy to follow tutorial on how to make a button using Photobucket. Click here to get to the tutorial! Thanks "The Little Hen House"!

Now this is only my 2nd attempt, so I may play around with it later. But for now, at least it's there! If you put it on your site, let me know!

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