Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall is Here!!!

One of my absolute favorite seasons began yesterday... Fall!!! The cooler temperatures... the smell of pumpkin and spices (even though I do not like the taste of pumpkin)... roasting pumpkin seeds (now I WILL eat those)! All favorites! I spent a part of my morning making the house more up to-date with fall and Halloween (yes, Halloween) decor. Take a look!

 The entry way to our house: Last year I made these fall frames and I hung them up, but this year I opted to have them sit on the table. I also have my cutesy Frankenstein guy who holds candy :)

In our kitchen, we have our breakfast "nook" table that overlooks the backyard. I have a lazy susan on that table, so I put some artificial flowers into a vase and used artificial leaves as vase filler. A little pumpkin and an amazing smelling candle completes the look.

I got this sign at the antique fair in Warrenton, TX last year. I thought the letters were a little creepy and the crows made it seem more Halloween-y. Add pumpkin and gourd again (I have a whole bag of those things: just add one anywhere that needs a little fall pick-me-up!)

My "mantle" area: since we do not have a fireplace, I use this unit to decorate as if it were a mantle. I made it Halloween-ified. First off to ground the space, I have my mirror and two lamps that are always there.

I purchased these Halloween letters in Warrenton last year as well. I placed three candlesticks behind it, as well as a black spider-web piece of fabric from a Halloween party we had at our apartment two years ago.

I showed you this candy bowl last year (that used to be turquoise- I spray painted it black: see the little spider on the inside?) and until I get some candy, it is full of fall leaves and another gourd.

On the other side of the unit, I have my black glitter pumpkins and another small pumpkin.

In the living room on a side table, I have our subway art about our hometowns, inspired by Katie Bower. I used some books to add height to my wooden pumpkin and little orange tin thing.

I hunted through Nate's books and found some "creepy" titles... Michael Crichton's book, which has a skull and crossbones on the spine, and a book my Stephen King (which is creepy because it's by him).

I bought a set of three monster hand towels from Target two years ago. They're so cute!

Our living room TV unit. I used a leaf garland for the top and added a ceramic pumpkin (that we inherited from Nate's Mimi last year).

A closer shot of my little scarecrow and another wooden pumpkin (Nate almost vetoed the scarecrow because his feet were in the way of the TV... but I moved it- gotta love boys).

Closer shot of the ceramic pumpkin and leaf garland.

I have my pumpkin spice candles lit, the lamps turned on/big light turned off... it is cozy at the Johnson household! What do you do to "ring in" the fall season?

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