Friday, October 7, 2011

Chloe & Oliver REALLY Like Dog Food

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you all know, if you are a follower of this blog, Nate and I have two pups:


Chloe, our Jack Russell terrier (which I believe if she ever writes a book, this would be the picture of her on the back with her bio)...


And Oliver, our Shih Tzu, also known as the MOST relaxed dog on the planet.


They have completely different personalities.


Chloe, hyper. Oliver, lazy.

Chloe, extremely active. Oliver, lays around and naps.

Chloe, chewer of all things. Oliver, barely chews on treats.

However, they have thing in common: they L-O-V-E breakfast and dinner time! They know exactly where their food is kept, they know exactly where their bowls are, and they know exactly how to sit by their bowl in order to be fed.


That is why I am eager to share with you a pet food company called Hill's Pet Nutrition! This company has a product called Hill's Science Diet Healthy Mobility dog food. They are urging their customers to take the 30 Day Mobility Challenge, feed their pets the Healthy Mobility dog food, and see the difference it makes in the mobility of their pet! It is full of all sorts of good things to improve a dog's active lifestyle and flexibility. This special dog food is also offered in three varieties: Original, Large Breed, and Small Bites, perfect for any type/size of dog! Go check it out by checking the link Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon!

Oh, and that's not all, my friends :)

When you go to their site, you can register now for the 30 day challenge. Do it. This simple registration automatically gives you $30 IN COUPON OFFERS!

Say what?


I am all about coupons.

And saving cash money.

And pups :)


That is why this combination works so well! Also upon registering now, you are automatically entered in the drawing for a chance to win FREE PET FOOD FOR A YEAR. Say what again? Oh, and P.S., THIRTY (30) people will win. THIRTY. That is good odds, my friend. And when I use italics, I mean business :)

So remember:

30 day challenge (have your dog eat the Mobility dog food for 30 days)

$30 in coupon offers

30 people will win FREE PET FOOD FOR A YEAR


One more little gem of information, Hill's Pet Nutrition has a Facebook page (who doesn't)! Go here to Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook for more info and to help your pups live the healthiest lifestyle they can :) As a "mama" to two baby pups, a healthy lifestyle for my two fur babies means a lot to me and Nate!

Sweet four legged, furry pups :) So precious to me!


If you are interested in Hill's Science Diet dog food, go here to receive more information: Hill's Pet Nutrition

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