Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teach: Apples!

Last week, my kiddos had a blasty learning all about apples and fall. We made fall apples (out of construction paper), wrote color words to describe our apples, we had apples as a snack: we even brought whole apples and graphed them by color!

Another thing we did was read the book "Apples" by Gail Gibbons (a GREAT nonfiction book). Afterwards, we used this sequencing activity from The First Grade Parade to sequence apples from seed to apple pie! It was great because this book touches on everything on the page (the apple blossoms, harvesting the apples in the fall, even a recipe for apple pie)! Check it out!

 Here's our versions! We worked on them together and numbered them 1-6 after we put them in order (you will see my check pluses and smiley faces!).

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