Sunday, October 16, 2011

Everyday with the Jays

 You may have noticed something...

Our blog name has CHANGED.

Since there are about, oh, 4.63 million Johnson's in the world, I thought I'd make the blog name a little more original. 

"Everyday with the Jays" is our new blog name and web address ( Our blog is just a little glimpse into our EVERYDAY lives, and since our last name starts with a "J", I made this letter into its word form "Jay". I hope this isn't confusing for everyone!

If you follow our blog regularly, it should switch over normally. Just double/triple check the address and bookmark/follow/whatever you need to do :) We like having you around here!

Have a lovelyyyy Sunday and go Cowboys!

(this picture was taken two years ago when Chloe was a wee little ol' pup and Mr. Oliver wasn't even born yet!)


  1. oh my is too cute!!! i love big puppy paws!

  2. Returning the love! Here's your Liebster


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