Friday, October 21, 2011

Wow- a whole week with no posting...

Wow- I'm sorry. This week sort of got away from me.
This past weekend, Nate's parents were in town. It was so fun to catch up, eat yummy food, and relax! Plus, Nate and his dad got to do some father-son bonding over some fishing (which Nate REALLY enjoyed)!

Tuesday- we had to go out of town for a meeting and didn't get home until lateee (to us).

Wednesday- we went back out of town to BUY A NEW CAR! Wahoo! I am now the proud owner of a 2011 Kia Sorento and it is so p-r-e-t-t-y. A bluish/grey color (although the papers say green... that is false). We traded in Nate's Jetta (which is a standard, by the by, and I can't drive) to get a more practical car for the future. We were already cramped with us plus two pups, adding children in the future would have been a major issue! This car has a 3rd row seating option, Sirius radio built in, and Bluetooth connections that hook up to your phone and you can call from your car! I just want to hang out in it allllll. dayyy (sorry the photo is a bit dark: the sun was setting and I had to hurry!)

Tonight- we are attending the high school football game and having a 5th quarter fellowship for the youth in town (our church is co-sponsoring it with another church in town). Ready for some yummy dessert provided by sweet church members!

I already have a Teach-It Tuesday (two actually) that I need to share, along with catching up on What I Wore Wednesday (I am so BAD at it!), and we have a new Food Friday (is that what I even call it? baha) using some yummy potatoes.

Maybe I'll get all caught up tomorrow (in between entering info for Kinder report cards)! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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