Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday Night Lights: High School Football!

Although we do not have kids of our own yet (and especially not high schoolers, at that), one of our favorite things to do in our town is go to the high school football game on Friday night!

Nate is a H-U-G-E sports fan: football, basketball, baseball, anything. He likes to keep up with stats and scores, etc. I like going for the atmosphere, but my favorite part is halftime: my inner band-nerd is coming out! (I played the flute for seven years, marched on Friday nights for three of those years)! I like to watch the flute section, their posture, and how the bands heel-toe is, and their slides (if you were in marching band, you know what I'm talking about)! I really like to hear the music too, don't get me wrong!

The team in our town has advanced to playoffs, so last night we went with a couple of friends about an hour south to watch the game. It was cool (about 55 degrees, so we bundled up with a cozy blanket) and our team won! We'll be back next Friday too and hopefully they pull out another win!

Me and my friend Sam: we sat between our boys for warmth and THEN had a quilt to use as well! Thanks for bringing it, Sam! :)

Sam and her boyfriend, Nate (yes, our boys have the same name!!!), although he was too interested in the score to actually look at the camera!

Me and the hubster: wearing his orange and black proudly! I just sported an orange scarf (thanks Jen! I get lots of compliments on it- all the time!)

Anyone else like Friday night high school football?

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  1. I knew we would be friends in real life!!! I marched in hs and college and adore half time :) I have a tendency to be critical and Brian gets on to me about it.. Oops!
    We had the saltine toffee tonight and it was so good! You should give it a try!


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