Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We spent New Year's eve extremely low key... did chores around the house, put all the Christmas stuff away, went grocery shopping, and just hung out. Spending the entire day with the hubs? I'll take that any day!

Some "resolutions", although let's be honest...

1) Buy running shoes and use them. Maybe not even running outside, but invest in a treadmill or elliptical or somethinggg and get my hiney in gear. Maybe these:


2)Try to leave "school" at "school"... I want to be able to come home and just "be". I think this is something all teachers try to focus on. Yes, there will be occasions where I have to work on things at home, but at the end of the day I have to focus on my family and what makes us happy. Spending time with one another is essential at the end of work days!

3) Add more quality to photos uploaded to the blog, and add text to pictures that could possibly be "pinned" via Pinterest. Yes, I'm weird. But I like when people put words on their pictures so when I am on Pinterest, I know EXACTLY what it is.

4)Take the pups on more walks! I said this last year and we literally lasted like four days. If it rains, play extra hardcore with them inside: rope tug-of-war, catch, etc.

[look at those faces, Chloe in her Christmas PJs and Oliver dressed as "Santa Paws": they need exercise too!]

5)Become more culinary in the kitchen. Try to cook healthy... Some of these recipes look y-u-m-m-y:

[all images found via my Pinterest "Tasty Dishes" board: original websites included on Pinterest]

6)Vacation! Go on one :) We are thinking here (hint: New Orleans!):


Any "resolutions" for you?


  1. Love the picture of y'all in your pj's with your pups! Love New Orleans too...y'all should definitely go! So much culture and history. Happy New Year Chrissy!

  2. Korea is a great vaca spot too! ;)


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