Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Home To-Do List 2012

This year, 2012, Nate and I are fully committing to "attempt" more DIY projects to make our home OUR home. Know what I mean? We can "pin" and gather ideas all that we want, but if we don't start DOING these things, it's all for nothing. Therefore, we are SO excited for our home to-do list, 2012:

This list shows 12 "major" projects that we hope to implement in our home... given one project per month, ideally. Many are purchases, so this will only work if the funds are in place (and he's a minister and I'm a teacher... we aren't necessarily "bankin'"). These are projects that are totally doable if we set our minds (and our budget) to it!
Along with this list of 12 "majors", we also have created a "dream" list: things we hope to create/get done SOMETIME while we are in this house... we hope to be here for a good 5-7 years, so it would be lovely to get these things done (be prepared, it's long)!

What do you think? Lengthy, isn't it. Told ya :) But it makes us excited! Not that we aren't grateful for what we already have, by ANY means. We know that we have plenty that others do not have, and we consider ourselves blessed daily. We are just nerds who like projects :) And like to dream, baha.

Do you and your significant other have a list for home? A dream list?

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  1. Hey Chrissy - you have to have goals and dreams - makes the everday living even better!!


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