Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things: New Dining Accessories

I like packages in the mail.

I also like packages in the mail from World Market.

I also like receiving packages in the mail ESPECIALLY after an exhausting day of being teacher/counselor/mommy/nutritionist/behavior specialist/etc. to 27 five and six year olds... Whew.

Anyway, to the goods!

New placemats in a beige/lighhhttt yellow color AND these adorable napkins! The pictures show yellow flowers, but there more of a deep yellow/orangish color.

And I KNOW the fabric looks like it should come off of an 1984 floral couch at a retirement home in Florida or something..

I knowwww, but they are FUN!

We are REALLY trying to bring more color into our home... it feels like we live in a white/brown/taupe/black box.. we need some oomph! We are using mostly blues, greens, golds, and yellows, but our master bedroom will get a hit of purple too. And of course we will still stick to the neutrals.

I played around with them on the table a bit: they look great with our already owned napkin rings (from Target, I believe):

I even played around with some table settings using dishes (and P.S. I am such a dork):

Funky/colorful plate (from Target)
Colorful plate plus white salad plate
My favorite combo, I think: use colorful plate as a "charger" and add white bowl (it is a bowl, promise)
Go neutral and add a taupe plate
Or have another colorful plate :)

SO excited about this colorful addition to our dining area! And they were on c-l-e-a-r-a-n-c-e, which you know is my favorite word! However, now I'm thinking I want a new (colorful/bright) rug to go with these napkins (is that weird?)

Who else likes receiving packages in the mail?!


  1. your favorite combo is also my favorite combo! love the napkins and your napkin rings! i need to get new things for the house too :)

  2. looooooooove the napkins! such a beautiful pattern! and i too like getting things in the mail :) except bills of course.


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