Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photo a Day: Week Three

Here are this week's pictures, Sunday-Friday (I haven't taken today's picture yet)! If you have taken pictures from this week (any pictures, doesn't have to be from all week!) use the button on my sidebar to join in and leave a link to your blog post in the comment section!

 [fifteen]: Nate cuddling up with the pups after preaching on Sunday

[sixteen]: No school for us on Monday, but the teachers took a faculty retreat to a gorgeous center for the disabled. It was really neat and this was the beautiful worship center where we started our day.

[seventeen]: Watching "The Big Bang Theory" and cuddling with my little girl, what a great Tuesday!

[eighteen]: I bought these gorgeous flowers at the center for the disabled (one of their enterprises where they teach the disabled citizens to work is with flowers and plants). We received this tin tub as a Christmas present from the Hansens and it looks so cute on my front porch!

[nineteen]: We made "homemade" Strawberry Banana smoothies using the Jamba Juice frozen kind. They were yummy! All you do is mix the contents with apple juice in a blender. A sweet, yet healthy, snack!

[twenty]: At school on Friday, we were making posters about our school and one of my student's drew me on his poster! Yes, I'm wearing a crown. BOOM!

Happy weekend, friends!

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