Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work It Out

Let me be honest...

I. Do. Not. Eat. Vegetables. Yes, I'm 25 and eat like I am 5.

(As children, my brother and I had to drink PediaSure to make up for our lost nutrients... Maybe I should get back on that...Although my bro is doing awesome now: he eats octopus and other crazy things, so vegetables are no big deal now. But anyways-)

I have weird taste buds (at least I think so) and I'm really weird about food textures... especially things smooshy (?), squishy, or things of that nature. Example: tomatoes? I have NEVER had a tomato slice. EVER. How is the skin tough/hard and the insides all gooey? That's disgusting. And don't get me started on roasted vegetables....

Now, there are some vegetables that are oober crisp: carrots, celery, cucumber... all of which I have tried... BLECH. Dry, bland, I don't know... like I said, weird taste buds.

I'm really trying to get better, really. Since marrying Nathan, I have added salad (spinach leaves OR caesar), avocado (only in guacamole form), and green beans (sauteed with major garlic) to my diet. In small, small doses. That's a start, yes? No? And I had always liked corn... and potatoes... but I don't think either of those count as legit vegetables.

So to make up for my bad, bad diet, I have started "working out". Although I am a Kindergarten teacher and am on my feet for a good 7 hours/day. Does that count for something? Anyways, I am not one of those people that can create a workout plan (no matter how badly I try to pin them on Pinterest) with "run ___ laps, do ___ crunches, do ___ wall sits" etc etc.

My workout?


I'm teaming up with Dmitry (although he does the Quickstep and it's just not my thing), Lacey (in charge of Jive), and Kym (my favorite, Swing) to "dance off the pounds". Now before you laugh, it is a serious workout! It definitely keeps your heart rate up, you are literally moving the entire time, and it focuses on legs, posterior, and abs mainly (my three go-to areas for all things fatty). We will see how this goes!

(And I have still been taking the dogs for their walk when I get home! Wahoo! It's so routine now, the pups expect it when I get home!)

So, to you I ask: do you work out? Diet? Both? What motivates you to stay with it?


  1. I want to get this DVD! We love DWTS. I am terrible about working out but I take long walks almost everyday around our neighborhood....though I do it more for my mental health than my physical health. It really clears my mind and helps me sleep. I played golf in college and we worked out hardcore 5 days a week...I need to get back in the habit. Good for you for trying to eat healthier and work out!

  2. I have that video! I sent Brian to Wal-Mart last year before I was pregnant to pick out a dance work out video..... you should have heard him calling me to find out which one I wanted. Hilarious. But not near as funny as watching him (and me for that matter) doing it! You're right, it's an awesome workout!!


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