Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIWW: Sewing Project Inspiration

For WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday), I want to showcase a few sewing projects that I want to create for myself. It's a plus having a sewing machine, and although we aren't BFF's, I'd like to think that we are acquaintances enough that we could get some efficient work done together.

[empire waist dress from here]

[turn a men's dress shirt into a skirt from here]
[skirt tutorial here: also a full-length skirt included]
[winter shirt dress from here]

So do any of you sew? Do you sew clothing? Since getting my sewing machine last year, I have sewed curtains, pillow cases, and scarves... that's about it. Hopefully this will give me a push in the right direction to purchase some cute fabric and make my own clothes!

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