Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo a Day: Week Nine

Ready for another installment of Photo-a-Day! This is where we take one picture each day and share them! Don't worry, no professionals here: these are all camera phone pictures!

Everyday with the Jays

This week was so fun because I had a craft night with a friend and Nate and I were able to take a quick 24 hour trip to Dallas! I also purchased an iPhone 4S (thanks, honey!) so now I have Instagram! Yay!

[sunday]: my hot husband helping lead worship! this song "Days of Elijah" is good but it's also kind of a joke with the group I grew up with at church. we had a youth choir and we alwaysss sang this song (plus motions). it was so fun/funny!

***missed Monday

[tuesday]: craft night with my bff Bonnie! she works at my school with me (she's the 2nd grade teacher) and we both enjoy crafting! she had the idea to do a st. patrick's day craft, so here are our wreaths (as you can see, i wasn't finished with mine yet: check it out here).

[wednesday]: grocery shopping night! we always stop at the candy aisle and I usually snag these bits of goodness. they are delicious! and two for .88, so I'm there. Nate usually gets Bottlecaps... disgusting, they taste like soap.

[thursday]: finally! I get to turn the page on my year-at-a-glance for school! wahoo! we only have about 12 weeks left. I think I can, I think I can...

***FRIDAY removed

[saturday]: Dallas! it's always so hard to see everyone I want to see during short weekend trips like this. during this visit, I was able to eat lunch with one of my dearest friends (and my maid of honor) Emily! our parents are best friends (since high school, well our dads have been friends since the 1st grade or something like that), so we have grown up together literally since birth. love this girl!

Did everyone else have a good weekend? This week is looking to be rather boring... nothing exciting going on for us (just counting down to Spring Break which is next Wednesday-Friday for me)! Can't wait!


  1. those wreaths look great! and yeah for only 12 more weeks! i think i'm at 13 - we're getting closer!!!

  2. I still like Days of Elijah - even though it was a tad bit overdone - love the AEX shirt you are wearing in the wreath picture. Love the Belles!


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