Friday, March 16, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Mini Artwork

I took the "Pinterest Challenge" issued by Sherry at Young House Love & Katie at Bower Power, along with two other bloggers, Erin and Cassie, who they invited to host with them this go around (they do these challenges every season). This challenge is to inspire everyone to stop "pinning" and start "doing"!

My contribution:

I pinned this artwork from this website:

Source: via Chrissy on Pinterest

Of course, it is a piece of art for purchase and not a pin that gives a tutorial or anything...

So I sort of "winged it": take a look!

First, I gathered my supplies. I knew I wanted to use some colors that we had goin' on in our house and that I would eventually blend them altogether on the canvas... I also used a small canvas (just in case the whole thing bombed!) and I may do this on a larger canvas down the road sometime.

Poured my paint, set up my canvas...

I painted the base blue...

Then started adding strokes of the other three colors using smaller paintbrushes...

Then I used a paper towel to blend the colors altogether in a swirly-esque motion.

I used blue painter's tape and eye-balled my taping because I am l-a-z-y. Although the pattern isn't technically "Herringbone" as is my original pin, it still looks pretty awesome. I also wanted the line widths to vary, just so my OCD wouldn't strangle me.

Ta-da! All eyeballed, and I like how on the right edge, it looks like the lines are all going up in the distance, continuing on and on... and the differing line widths are more noticeable here.

I used an Exacto knife to cut out sections of the painter's tape (again, just guess :) the beauty of making your own art)...

Removed my cut out sections...

Painted over white and immediately removed the tape (for cleaner lines, although some still bled through, but again- beauty of your own art)!

Since the base colors are so deep here, it looks like it will need a second coat of white paint once the first coat dries (which I have already done but didn't take pictures of, so use your imagination)!

I put it on the buffet in our dining room for now to break up some of the yellow (yellow picture frame, yellow lemons, yellow accents on the dining room table... the green breaks it up a bit)!

I like how geometric it is. I will definitely be doing a larger scale down the road sometime since this smaller version turned out so cute!

So what do you think? Anyone else like to connect with their inner artist to produce original artwork? Too OCD for it? Let's hear it.


  1. Absolutely love it! You are so crafty! I also love the yellow and leopard frame behind it!

  2. It turned out so cute! And I think you're the only one who made this pin by painting, taping, painting! Thanks for letting me know about your project - it's been fun to see everyone's take on the same project.

  3. How fun! It seems like it's a pretty simple but cute addition to a room. Thanks for sharing at Cutesy Monday!



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