Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Warrenton #1 Wrap Up

Like I mentioned Saturday during my Photo a Day post, Nate and I traveled down the road a bit to visit Warrenton. This place has an amazing selection of antiques/thrifty/vintage items for sale. It's H-U-G-E. It's only open for two weeks twice a year, so we always make an effort to go when it is in town!

Check out some of Warrenton's awesome finds:

First off, there is delicious food! We always stop by this food booth sponsored by a Lutheran church (who also offers $5 parking). Their fajitas are SO good!

As far as the eye can see... booths, tents, booths, tents...

Such pretty scenery for all the booths!

Some neat things I found and could not afford: old school- literally- desk chairs. Wouldn't these be neat in a foyer?

Gorgeous kitchen island. We couldn't find the price tag but we are assuming it is out of our range.

Many booths had these giant letter "junkyards": letters from old business signs and whatnot. SO fun and only $20-$40, depending on the size (this place was where we found them the cheapest). However, NO ONE had a J for Johnson! Grrrr!

What I purchased: a vendor makes wax bricks (for the popular wax warmers... you all know the ones!) homemade with delicious scents (these are Peach and Spiced Orange, mmmmm). Only $1.95 as opposed to others I have seen for $4-$6. Not a huge price difference, but a save is a save.

These adorable glass jars! The green one was $3 and the blue was $2.

They look beautiful with all of my other glass jars/bottles above my kitchen cabinets! Hope to have an entire collection one day, lined up from end to end.

I labeled this post #1 because I plan on going again with a friend (possibly) on Friday and again with my mom on Saturday. Can't WAIT!

Who else likes to go antique-ing? That is totally a word.


  1. that looks like fun! and a great deal for those hand made wax warmers too! I want to go!!

  2. I LOVE the candles warmers! I just bought some of these from Walmart and your right you did get a deal! Those vases are perfect! I love the different colors and sizes.


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