Monday, April 9, 2012

Warrenton #2 Wrap Up: Marburger Farm

On this second trip to Warrenton's Antique Show (which only comes around twice a year for two weeks: see my first trip here), I went with my friend Bonnie. We decided to visit Marburger Farm, which is a collection of booths between Warrenton and Round Top. Marburger Farm has a $10 admission and the booth collections are a bit pricier than the typical Warrenton booth of thrifted/vintage/antique items. Here's what I found!

Ch-ello?! Anything Texas Rangers is a-okay in my book. Although this sign is for the actual Texas Rangers law enforcement and not the amazing baseball team. The proprietor of the booth told us that these signs were used during prohibition times in TX. This large sign, along with two other signs of equal size, were $900. Um, no thank you.

Such a cute sign for a kitchen!
Pretty sure it was $125.
Pretty sure I can recreate this sign on a piece of wood as well :)

This booth, British Route Sign Designs, had the cutest typography decor items! Chairs, banners, and these adorable pillows. You know I had to take a picture of the one with the letter "J"! I didn't purchase it (remember, I make my own pillows? like here and here?) but it's adorable! Check out their site, linked above, for more amazingness.

This couple from Michigan had a collection of these wooden crates that were used for shipping and packaging goods back in the day (like 20's and 30's) before all companies made the switch to cardboard and plastic. They are so classic looking: I totally wish companies still used these today! These boxes ranged from $25ish to $60ish. Bonnie bought two and they will look great in her house!

Yep, that's legit.

And no, no price tags were available. I don't even want to know. A girl can dream, can't she?

Now, what I purchased!

I bought two matching feed bags (originally carried corn, obviously). $10 each. I plan on making... you guessed it, pillows! Either that, or I"ll buy/make matching frames and hang them in our kitchen somewhere. We will see! Just adore the fonts and style of advertising for items like this!

Check in soon for my FAVORITE purchase from Warrenton (during my THIRD visit of the weekend with my mom). Happy Monday!

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