Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cruise Fashion

I am so excited about our upcoming cruise that I wanted to share some fashion ideas that I have "pinned" on Pinterest via my Fashion & Style board.

We went on a cruise in September and I really don't want "repeat" outfits (but let's be honest: my wardrobe is not THAT huge). I'm taking a tip from Kendi @ Kendi Everyday to remix my wardrobe with new accessories so that it will look like new outfits. But first- some inspiration photos!

White with bright accessories (shoes, scarves, belt)


I want to make this swimsuit cover-up! Super easy... right?

Shorts with a flowy top, tall shoes, and gold accessories

Bright colored shorts with neutrals (I just bought purple shorts from Old Navy: pretty excited about them)!

All neutrals

Same concept of shorts with a flowy top, but with white shorts and soft/romantic colors

Summery scarves!

And now some sewing projects I **hope** to create before we head out!

Super cute maxi skirt made out of a jersey SHEET. Looks so comfortable!

Two scarves that can be made into a shirt? I'm so curious to see if this works!

This skirt is absolutely darling... and the tutorial is simple enough! Fingers crossed...

Get ready, Nate's side of the closet... I am about to raid!

Can't wait- can't wait- can't wait!


  1. love that maxi skirt! and two scarfs to make a shirt? you need to try that!

  2. ok, i want every single outfit you posted! love them!

    i went through my closet last week to either get rid of things I no longer wear or donate and i was so surprised to find so many clothes that i haven't worn in forever.

    i have a lot more clothes than i thought. sucks that i want to shop regardless of that newly established fact, haha.

    so jealous of your cruise. i've never been on one but i'm still jealous ;)


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