Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Last Week of School] Gift Ideas: Room Moms

I have the greatest room mom's this year: I'm so bummed that they're all moving up to 1st grade next year! They all contributed to our class functions and made each one wonderful! I wanted to give them something to say "thanks", but I also have 9 of them (remember I have 26 students? so that is a typical number), so it couldn't break the bank either.

I made the labels on my computer and added clip art from Google.

I used craft scissors to give a decorative border.

Stapled the note and ribbon to a bag of popcorn!

Thank you, Pinterest! Again, best spot for inspiration and ideas. I borrowed the sayings and created my own labels. My inspiration came from Smarter than a Fourth Grader :)

Popcorn. Cardstock. Printer. Ribbon.


Tomorrow's gift: for the AIDE in your life :)


  1. What a creative idea! They will love it!

  2. i did this too!! I used little plastic popcorn containers and plan on making some caramel corn popcorn to put it, but made tags that look very similar to that!!


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