Monday, May 21, 2012

[Last Week of School] Gift Ideas: Students

Last week of school! Hooray hooray!

Each year, I try to give a little somethin' somethin' to my kiddos. In the past, I have given framed photos, laminated "autograph" sheets with a photo, personalized gifts with their names... Obviously nothing to break the bank, but just a cute little gift to show I love 'em (all 26 of them). This year, I also gave my aide something and my (9) room mothers. So, this week I will share these ideas since some of you still have a few more days of school! You can do it!

Now, I must preface these posts: THE "SAYINGS" ARE NOT ORIGINALS. Pinterest is a lovely source of inspiration! I made these gifts but definitely borrowed the "sayings" for them :)

Today: the gift for my kiddos!

The contents of each bag were different for boys/girls. Both genders received a Kool Aid pack with the saying "Have a KOOL summer! Love, Mrs. Johnson". I also attached a silly straw and I threw in a pencil with some stickers (not pictured). The boys also received a Cars notepad and the girls received a flower headband that I made (red, to match their uniforms)! I'll have to do a tutorial post on these soon. They are so easy and super cute!
[girls all posing at recess with our new headbands: they were so excited! and no faces are shown due to confidentiality]

They were all so excited and I just love seeing them so happy! What cuties. It looks like I have an army, but no no, just 26 Kindergarteners.

I got the idea from Thrifty Decor Chick, although she did hers for Valentine's Day. Just goes to show how you can modify the word "cool" for any holiday/event!

Check back for more gift giving fun!


  1. these are so cute!!! you are such a good teacher - they are lucky to have you!!

  2. Where were you when I was a student!?! Hehe. You are such a great teacher!


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