Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two Weeks Worth of Photo A Day [20 & 21]

Goodness- the end of the school year has made me slack on my Photo a Day posts! Therefore, today will share the past two weeks, weeks twenty & twenty one... whoops!

P.S. I am on summer vacation! I mean, I'll still be working up at the school some... (we are getting a new air conditioning system, therefore our ceilings will be ripped out for probably half of the summer... so I'll be working at home FOR school. Make sense?) I am SO excited! No more "Mrs. Johnson" for 2.5 months! Yay!

Onward with the pictures!

Sunday, May 13th: Mother's Day! A craft we made during children's church :) (found the idea via Pinterest)

Monday, May 14th: Progress shot from our dining room project.

Tuesday, May 15th: Prepping sweet treats to take to school for my aide's birthday. And yes, Brittany Fullwood, those are cool whip cookies- I stole the recipe from you... I just used strawberry cake mix instead of red velvet! Yum!

Wednesday, May 16th: Long day... love to cuddle with my sweet pups though!

Thursday, May 17th: Surprise text from hubs- we are going on a cruise for our anniversary!!!

Friday, May 18th: My parents came and stayed with me while Nate when on a 30 hour off-shore fishing trip. I was able to give my mom her Mother's Day gift from me, Nate, my brother (Michael), and his wife (Claire). A necklace with our initials from Lisa Leonard Designs! It is gorgeous and Lisa has the most beautiful pieces of jewelry!

Saturday, May 19th: Oliver loves to cuddle with his Grandpa Richard (my dad)

Sunday, May 20th: HE'S HOME! A bit smelly from being on a boat for 30 hours... but I was glad to see him!

Monday, May 21st: I gave my girlies their end of the year gifts and here we are modeling our new headbands! They were all so excited :)

Tuesday, May 22nd: One of my sweet students gave me this as an end of the year gift: I am so excited to hang it up in my classroom where everyone can see it!

Wednesday, May 23rd: Another gorgeous gift from a student! Her mom actually made this! It is beautiful and now Nate and I are figuring out where to hang it. So pretty!

Thursday, May 24th: Teacher workday = cleaning up classroom and putting everything away. We are getting a new air conditioning system, so our ceiling is getting ripped out... Fingers crossed it goes smoothly and my room doesn't become a complete disaster!

Friday, May 25th: Last day of school! Nate took me out on a date of shopping (yes) and Pluckers (double yes)!!!

Saturday, May 26th: We were invited to our church members' 50th anniversary party and it was at this beautiful country club! Gorgeous weather for a lovely celebration!

Whew! So sorry for the picture overload but now I am ALL caught up! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!


  1. Great pictures, love the crayon art. So clever!

    Happy Weekend!


  2. what great pictures!! love the gifts from your students!! happy summer!! and SOOO exciting about your cruise!!


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