Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reemerged Sewing Bug

Since my summer break started officially, my sewing bug has reemerged officially. Yay!

My first project was to create this skirt, originally featured on Ucreate by Simple Simon & Co.

I found this gorgeous black and cream striped fabric (at WALMART for $4/yd, amazing) and I got to work following the tutorial.

It's pretty straight-forward, although I had to rip out stitches and make the waist smaller about four times. It kept falling off of me. Ha- goes to show you how nice my measuring is... although I was never one for math! And THENNNN my stitches weren't tight enough, thank you Mr. Tension, so it's not "nice" enough to wear in public.

But- for attempt #1, I really like it! The pleats definitely make it. It is a thicker fabric (like canvas/outdoor fabric) so it's very structured. Super cute.

Two more sewing projects coming up soon!


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