Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Easy Skirt Sewing Project

Back with sewing project #2! See #1 here.

(Also, I'm not sharing the tutorials since I didn't come up with them: head to the links given for more info on how you TOO can have adorable clothes made by you)

I was pretty bummed that my stitches came out wonky on my last skirt, so I used scrap fabric to test my sewing machine's tension and voila: got it fixed! So I set out on Pinterest to find a simple skirt tutorial since I was NOT in the mood for something intense.

Enter Sweet Verbena and her Simple Skirt Tutorial

She uses a lightweight knit fabric, but all I had on hand was a thicker cotton (not quite as thick as canvas, but thicker than, say, a t-shirt). Again, from Walmart ($3/yd!!!)

Maybe I'm just TERRIBLE at math, but I had to resize this skirt too! Not as many times as my first attempt, but still had to nonetheless. It was just HUGE on me. And it has an elastic waist, so it's not like it needed to be huge. It gives a little bit, know what I'm saying?

Moral of the story: I am not a mathematician

But I followed the tutorial and produced this lovely bit of goodness: so cute! It looks cute with/without a chunky belt too. Bubbly and twirly, which is adorbs right now. Yay for making your own clothes!

With a chunky belt (love my closet and poor mirror and hangers and pillow and clothes? ha!):

No belt:

Stay tuned: my favoriteee sewing project coming up (hint: m-a-x-i-d-r-e-s-s)

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  1. i love the black and white with the brown belt! so cute.


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