Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DVD Organization

If you are anything like us, you have about 2.4 million DVDs/Blue Rays. Please tell me you're like us. Please... pretty please?

When we first moved into our apartment, we had them stored on the shelves for all the world to see. Kind of hard to see in this photo from for-ev-er ago, but see all the DVDs stacked on the bottom right? On the left side, almost cut out of the picture? We have obviously since added to the collection... but it's just not attractive.

So we eventually opted for storage boxes like these from Ikea... I couldn't find our exact boxes (these hold CDs) but it's pretty much the same, just a smidge wider. We have 10 of them. Yikes.

You can see them on the shelves in this poorly taken photo from right after we moved into our house. You can also see the DVD tower to the right of our entertainment unit housing additional DVDs. That is extremely unattractive! Eventually, we want that to hold only Wii/Xbox games. Eventually.

(Sidenote: isn't it funny to go back to old pictures of your house and think, "Wow, why did I decorate like that?" Ha! Thank goodness for style evolution (as well as fellow blogs and Pinterest)! Sheesh.)

ANYWAYS, the black boxes were getting on my nerves. So I turned to Pinterest and some other lovely blogs (I have seen this in a couple of different places) to downnnnsize the clutter. Enter CD sleeve binder thing.

I popped out the sleeve from each DVD case, cut to where it would fit in the sleeve, and took the disc out. Not wanting to be one who wastes, we kept most of the DVD cases and Nate took them to his office to use for future events/recordings. You never know what you could use them for!

I alphabetized as best I could, knowing that we'll definitely need another binder. I plan on typing up a master list to store on the inside cover so I can quick glance instead of flipping through the pages.

Isn't it so-so-so-so much prettier to look at?! You can see how the DVD cover is behind the disc. So let's say I wanted to watch "Sherlock Holmes": I'd take it out, watch it, and then flip back to the DVD cover and know exactly where to put it! So easy. So pretty.

We have a random movie collection too! Just on this page hosts Mystery, Horror, Disney, Dreamworks, Musical/Broadway, Quirky/Shakespearean, and Action. If that isn't random, I don't know what is!

How do you store your movies at home? Are you as OCD as me? Probably not... Ha! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. That's so AWESOME! I've been debating forever how to organize our serious stash of DVD'S.. This is seriously a GREAT idea and I may or may not be copying you.. LOL ;)

  2. I did the same thing ... Only I was a bit lazy and did not cut out the covers! When I take a disc out I leave the binder open until I replace the DVD! I am also doing a separate binder for DVDs and one for blue ray discs! I like this much more than storage boxes! Great organizing!


  3. That's a great idea! We have soo many DVDs and I don't have any where in our living room to store them, so I store them in our coat closet, but they take up soo much room in there! I will definitely have to try to store them in a smaller case like this. It wouldn't take up much room and it would look much neater:)


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