Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Forever Young

Inspired by Tiffany's post over at The Coffeehouse, I am going to share some photos of my sweet children pups, Chloe and Oliver. If you have a pet, you understand the tight bond that these furry friends have over your heart. They are truly members of the family!

First up, Chloe. We purchased her when she was 6 weeks old (her birthday is July 27, 2009) so she is about to turn three! Wasn't she teeny tiny?! We bought her a collar that day too so we could use a leash with her, but the collar was too big (the smallest size was too big!) so there's a lot of extra hanging out.

(Yep, Nate used to have longer hair. What a hottie!)

Investigating Nate's whiskers in the car.

And how she looks today: she's huge!

And now Oliver's turn: we adopted him from another family on December 31, 2010. His birthday is April 23, 2010, so he was 8 months old and pretty much already his full size when we got him. There won't be much of a size difference in these pictures, but his haircuts have been extreme to extreme since we've had him!

The day we got him: look at all of that hair!!!

We don't have that many pictures of Oliver by himself (we had Chloe for a year and a half before we got Oliver, hence why we have so many pictures of just her) but here are a few of the two of them together: they are precious!

Totally different breeds, totally different personalities, but they mesh well together and really are friends. Gotta love the pups in your life! Do you have any furry friends that you adore? We may be obsessed a bit too much, but when you love 'em, you love 'em. Feel free to share photos of your puppy's growth and link back to me and Tiffany: we love any and all photos of pups (as you can see from both of our posts)!

Happy Tuesday! I'm still in my pajamas. And it's noon. Yes please.


  1. your pups are sooo cute. in love over here!

    i completely understand why people are obsessed with their fur babies. i didn't understand until i got my first one :)

    i seriously want another dog for Izabella to have a play partner since Fella hates her but we need a bigger home. so hoping in a few years when we move we'll be able to get her a friend :)

    such a cute post!

  2. Ahhhhh your pups are SO precious!! They look so sweet. I wish we had a puppy...but we're getting a baby instead. I guess it's a good trade-off :).

    ps I was still in my pj's at noon too! Soak up the summer, missy!

  3. Both of the puppies are soo cute! It's adorable to see the pictures of them together! It looks like their best friends:)

    We have a puppy doggie, too! She is really like our big baby. We love her to pieces and don't know what we'd do without her:) Dogs hold a special place in our hearts!

  4. so cute!!! those first pics of chloe are SO adorable!! not having pictures of oliver alone - just like having a second child? : )


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