Saturday, July 14, 2012

Photo a Day: Week Twenty Eight

Another summer week down, so bummed! Kindergarten is slowly coming back into my life again... I went shopping for some classroom supplies, worked on lesson plans/layouts/printables. Ay ay ay. Summer is dwindling away! Here's my week in pictures.

Everyday with the Jays

July 8 (Sun): We had our VBS training on Sunday and explained how everything would work for the week. I'm the "Spotlight VBS" leader, as in I'm the photographer/slide show maker for the week!

July 9 (Mon): My shopping spoils. Baskets, buckets, ziploc baggies, pillows, papers, cards, popsicle sticks, etc. etc. etc. You can even see my teacher manuals in the top right corner. My dining room table is Kindergarten central right now.

July 10 (Tues): Kindergarten planning continues. Working on a sketch of the layout of my classroom. I'm not an architect, nor am I an artist, but I know what everything is in this picture. Works for me!

July 11 (Wed): In Nate's office... Monday's post will give you more info!

July 12 (Thurs): Having dinner (yep, on our coffeetable: don't judge) and Chloe is just itching to catch some crumbs.

July 13 (Fri): Historic dance hall in our town that e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e has been to except me. Finally went on Friday for lunch and it is so pretty inside!

July 14 (Sat): Sewed a camera strap cover! See how I (er, the tutorial I followed) did it next week :)

Happy weekend! We are gearing up for another trip: this time, to Kansas for a worship leader conference (the hubs, our associate pastor, and Nate's dad are all going to classes: Nate's mom and I will be shopping! and at night there are fantastic worship concerts) so I'm about to start laundry/packing and whatnot. Yaaayyy travel!


  1. Enjoy your weekend!! It sounds like it's going to be amazing :)

  2. Hey there, love your blog! I'm a new follower, glad I stumbled upon this :) Nice photos!


  3. school stuff always takes over our house!! love your camera strap!

  4. I looooove the camera strap! I really wish you'd open an etsy shop, pretty lady :). And I'm not judging...we eat at our coffee table every night!


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