Monday, July 16, 2012

Color Coordinated Bookshelves

Isn't it pretty? We arranged the books in Nate's office by color... Now he just needs to fill the rest of the shelving! I had seen m-a-n-y photos on Pinterest and on blogs (okay, okay, Lauren Conrad's blog) about color coordinating your shelves. So trendy and sleek.   
[these photos aren't as fancy-quality as the one above... gotta love Instagram filters!]

I'm not much of a reader and now that I have a Kindle Fire, I get my books on there... but if I could have gorgeous shelves like this, I may buy more hard-copies!

Do you have an office? Books? Color coordinating tendencies like me? Do share.


  1. i have an office ... but no book shelves. if we were crafty we could make one but we are not so we are still searching for the perfect bookshelf. so in the meantime, all of our books reside in the basement :(

    love what you did. i would def. want to color coordinate my books as well!

  2. That IS pretty, love the idea of color coordinating the books -- definitely looks better than alphabetizing. Loving your blog! xo


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