Monday, July 9, 2012

Succulent Sweetness

We were at Walmart over the weekend and took a stroll in the garden department for some yard fertilizer... I think. Anyways, we did not leave with fertilizer but instead with three precious succulent plants! Aren't they cute? And at $2.50 a pop, I contemplated purchasing even more! Maybe on our next trip...

These are apparently all the "rage" this season: I had never really paid any attention to this adorable and EASY TO CARE FOR (which is key in the Johnson household) plant. I have seen them all over Pinterest and blogs in various containers, and even in bridal bouquets! Who would have thought?

I wanted to come up with some clever way to display them, but they look oh-so adorable in my window sill by the kitchen sink under my Warrenton window.

And this container is just cute: it was the Fossil container that Nate's anniversary watch came in. It says "Song Bird Seed Mix" and has bits of green in it.

Does anyone else have experience with succulents? I plan on buying mini Terra cotta planters and painting them bright colors (like the ones below) to plant my sweet succulents in, but I just haven't found any of the small ones yet. Any ideas?

Have a great Monday! I am having a shopping date with a precious church member of ours: can't wait to buy school and craft supplies (Nate, cover your eyes)!


  1. I love them, Chrissy! I may go get some today!

  2. They are some pretty neat plants! Those are really what we need too. I have difficulties with keeping my plants alive too:( I will have to look at these next time I stop at Walmart!

  3. those are so cute! I need some. and plants that are easy to care for are right up my alley! as well as anything that is under $3.

  4. They are so cute! And what a great price! And you said easy to care for, what can be better especially for a person with a brown thumb!


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