Monday, August 6, 2012

[love] 30 before 30

I'm copying Ashley at Johnson and Johnson and Kristen at Life with the Ellwoods :) Thanks for the inspiration ladies, along with the other loads of people doing this list too!

I think it is important to have goals in life: not that we can do anything on our own, everything occurs in God's perfect will and timing. Ashley and Kristen (mentioned above: go visit their blogs and tell them hello!) have created a list of 30 things they would like to accomplish before their thirtieth birthdays. The goals can be personal, professional, travel-related, anything!

I am somewhat of an "OCD"-er when it comes to lists (I love lists, does anyone else add things to a list that they have already completed just to get the satisfaction of crossing it off? Because I totally do.) so I think this will be fun for me! As I complete said goals I will: cross them off, add the date, and hopefully also add the blog entry (that I'm assuming) I'll write for the occasion.

I've also seen lists that are "25 before 25" but I'm a little late to that party... I'm already 25. I won't turn 26 until December (26th: my golden birthday!), so I have roughly 4 years and a little less than half a year to complete this list. Lord willing, let's do this!

30 before 30

1. Have two babies (biological or adopted, whatever God decides!)

2. Head up a Parents Night Out at our church to minister to our young families (which is already in the works: let's just hope it is successful!)

3. Visit at least five MLB (Major League Baseball) stadiums other than the two Texas stadiums (that I have already visited).

4. Go to Disney World (again).

5. Open an Etsy shop selling my creations (possible products include Kindle cases, camera straps, canvas art).

6. Make our half bath into an awesome pantry.

7. Landscape the backyard (patio, grill, furniture, flowers/plants, possibly a pool!!!)

8. Regularly attend a Bible study with women (also in the works!)

9. Complete the Beth Moore "Esther" Bible Study on my own (also in the works!)

10. Help my parents convert their patio into a paradise overlooking their swimming pool.

11. Visit my brother and his wife at one of their crazy locations (currently in South Korea, may possibly move to Turkey or Argentina next... but hopefully they'll move back to the USA somewhere and we will visit there too!)

12. Go to Destin, FL: I feel like everyone has been there, so I want to see what the fuss is all about :)

13. Attend a UT game with Nate: Hook 'em, Horns!

14. Take a Zumba class OR possibly start an exercise class with the faculty/staff at my school (not leading it, just forming the group to do a Zumba DVD together or something like that!)

15. Purchase a large piece of furniture from the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Weekends.

16. Take a road trip where we travel through at least five states.

17. Attend a Dave Matthews concert with Nate (we went to two of his concerts before Nate and I were married but haven't been to one since).

18. Hit 1,000 followers on the ol' blog. This would be where YOU lovely readers come in. Tell your friends! ;)

19. Sew baby clothes and/or blankets for my children and my friends' children. At least one article, possibly more!

20. Have a "travel" Christmas tree that just contains ornaments from our vacations and trips.

21. Earn (or at least be in the progress of earning) my Masters Degree in something related to children (options include, but are not limited to: library/information sciences, curriculum and instruction, child development)

22. Get my wisdom teeth out (umm TOTALLY DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS but I know I have to... at least according to my dentist, psh) ICK ICK ICK.

23. Find a "steal" at a thrift or antique store

24. Create yearbooks filled with photos from throughout the year (build book on Shutterfly or something of the like)

25. Pay off at least one credit card and then cut it up in teeny tiny pieces

26. Take a progressive dinner date with Nate (appetizers at one restaurant, main course at a different restaurant, dessert at a different restaurant)

27. Take a cruise to the Bahamas and Key West (and visit our honeymoon spots!)

28. Go on a girls' vacation with my mom, her best friend Polly, and one of my best friend's Emily (my maid of honor and Polly's daughter!)

29. Read the Bible cover to cover and soak it up like a sponge!

30. Hire a professional maid or cleaning service to clean our entire house top to bottom so we can host an Open House for our church (sounds like a pastor's wife thing to do, huh?) ;)

There you have it! 30 goals for 4 and a half-ish years. It should be fun! I'll be adding this as a tab at the top of the blog and it will be updated as items are completed. I'm excited! Can't wait. Thanks to all of the bloggers who have already established 30 before 30 lists to help me get inspired!


  1. I love these posts! I too should get my wisdom teeth pulled but don't want to! at my school one year we had a zumba instructor come once a week and we did it in the gym - it was really fun!

  2. I think that you have a great list that can be accomplished within 4.5 years! I wish I could do a 30 before 30 list, but I'm just about there within a couple months...yikes:-o Zumba is serious fun and a serious workout:) I've never heard of a progressive dinner date, but that sounds like a fun idea! Maybe the hubby and I will have to do that sometime:) Hope you have a great week!

  3. I love this! I need to do something like that. Can't believe that this year I'll turn 30 so maybe I should do 35 before 35! Wowza!

  4. This is such a great list! You are one ambitious lady...I love it. I have a feeling you will totally attain every last thing on your list!

    p.s. I add things to To Do lists after they're done just to get the satisfaction of marking them off, too :).
    p.p.s. SO happy to see the possible starting of your own Etsy know I've been pushing for this for a while now! YAY!

  5. Great list! I think you should get your master's in Library/ Information Sciences.... in case I get a say in it :) Also, Destin is pretty awesome! So pretty and the water is great!


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