Sunday, August 5, 2012

[photoaday] Week Thirty One

Well since this was a crazy-busy week full of classroom prep and VBS organizing, I hardly had time to take a photo each day! You'll be able to tell where I cheated (i.e. random pictures of my dogs) and where I consolidated one picture for two days... Yeah. I've enjoyed being lazy this weekend!

Everyday with the Jays

[sunday july 29/monday july 30]: Matching VBS shirts for our Sky theme! They say "Flight Crew" on them and have the scripture verse on the back ("Everything is possible with God!")

[tuesday july 31]: I crashed every night after VBS! The schedule was VBS, dinner, Olympics, bed. Repeat.

[wednesday august 1]: Y'all. Is this not the CUTEST classroom decor ever?! All animal print and bold colors! Gotta have an engaging atmosphere for these kiddos! The banner will be strewn across the windows (hopefully), the blue/green fabric is for my personal bulletin board and the birthday bulletin board, the black and white leopard spots is for their pictures/Jesus bulletin board, the brown/black leopard spots is for our 100's chart bulletin board, and the regular leopard print at the bottom of the stack is for some classroom curtains and for the bulletin boards in the hallway. Fun stuff!

[thursday august 2]: The curtains I was talking about. These hide my teacher clutter on the shelves! Lifesavers.

[friday august 3]: Oliver lounging in our dirty house... as in towels thrown on the floor vs. hung up. We have been l-a-z-y.

[saturday august 4]: Sneak peek at my August wreath! The theme: pinwheels! And the inspiration came from VBS. Go figure!

It was a great week but a BUSY one and it's only going to get busier! I HAVE TO FINISH SETTING UP MY CLASSROOM THIS WEEK so I can focus on lesson planning and making copies/gathering supplies/cutting construction paper/organizing and labeling . It's a goal of mine. Let's do this!

Happy Sunday! Tell God thank you for what He has blessed you with: home? job security? loved ones? a meal? a bed? a shower? Any and everything, all praise and honor goes to Him! 


  1. I bet the kiddos will love your banner! I know that I love that theme:) Looks really cute. It takes a lot of time planning and getting your classroom back to school ready! Good luck with the rest of it:)

  2. You Have a particular and fun style with great taste.

  3. You are gonna have the cutest classroom EVER! I love your curtains...what a smart, functional idea. And your wreath is adorable! You are so crafty, must be an awesome teacher!

  4. love your blog :) your little family is super cute :D new follower here and I'd love for you to come check out my blog some time :):):)


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