Saturday, August 18, 2012

[photoaday] Week Thirty Three

This week was c-r-a-z-y with school-school-school. I was on the go, awake early/up late at night. Dang. But school has officially kicked off and next week begins our first full week of Kindergarten (which includes a nap, thank you Lord)! Let's check out the week, shall we? ANDDDD I have a beautiful new button to show!

Everyday with the Jays
[psst: if you take photos this week, use my button on your blog post and leave me a comment on THIS post with the link to YOUR blog post with your photos.... that's not confusing at all, is it? once you do that (and assuming you're a follower of mine), I will feature your blog with a few of your photos! remember ladies, sharing is caring :)]

[sunday] Prepping a goodie bag of animal crackers for my kiddos for orientation night. Not as many as last year (21 vs. 28) but still a good number!

[monday] The calm before the storm that is orientation (you can see the goodie bags on their tables). It was a great night though! All the kiddos were so excited and their families seemed very nice. Can't wait!

[tuesday] Meetings, meetings, meetings.

[wednesday] No photo this day. Finishing up of meetings/classroom set up/making copies and Women's Bible Study night!

[thursday] First day of school! You've already heard all about our day during this post from Thursday.

[friday] Spending the night with this little gal here.

[saturday] Laundry day at the Johnson household (hence my missing sheets). Basket of towels, folded t-shirts, and Big Bang on my Kindle Fire. Good times.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

"everyday I will praise You and extol Your name forever and ever." psalm 145:2


  1. You are so organized! I love your first day of school shot :). Glad you had a good (busy!) week!

  2. Love all of the first day of school pics:) Your room looks all ready and good to go! I'm sure the kiddos loved the animal crackers. Do you teach kindergarten because man 21 kids....WOW! That's quite a lot.

  3. again your room is so cute!! I had my first day of meetings today - I am so looking forward to getting into the actual school routine with the kids! hope this week goes well for you!


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