Saturday, October 27, 2012

[make] Quick and Easy Fall Hostess Gift

A quick post this late, Saturday evening!

Last weekend, we went to a church member's home to watch the UT football game (their son, our associate pastor of worship/outreach, played football for UT in the 80's). I wanted to bring a little fall-themed gift to say thank you for our invitation to dinner!

If you need a simple gift (to assemble in the car on your way to said event... because that's what I did!), this is the gift for you. And it all came from Family Dollar (quick, inexpensive, efficient on your way to a dinner)!

Scarecrow stand (I popped the bottom part off and it left just his stick stand)
Fall colored candy (candy corn, Reese's Pieces, chocolates, caramels)
Cellophane treat bag
Fall themed mug

Candy in bag. Tie top of bag with twisty tie provided and fluff. Put in mug. Use scarecrow's stand and poke it in the mug. Ta-da!

Quick. Inexpensive. Fall-y. Hooray! And it was very well received, so success!

Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow! To quote my husband....   

"Remember, brothers and sisters in Christ: you are not "going to church" tomorrow, as if entering a building for a few hours can possibly change your life. You are going to corporately worship the God of the universe who is more incredible than we can ever imagine. Be prepared to engage in worship, in Spirit and in truth, through the lifting of voices and the preaching of His word! May tomorrow's worship be the beginning of an entire week of living our lives as living sacrifices of worship and praise." -Nathan Johnson


  1. SO stinkin' cute, you make me jealous with all this crafty stuff you've been doing ;)

  2. You are so crafty! I love this!

  3. This makes such a cute little gift! Love it:)


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