Thursday, November 1, 2012


Bad blogger, bad blogger!

I am still here, I promise! Shopping/dinner date Tuesday, Trunk or Treat Wednesday (expect a full post next week!), surviving the aftermath of a Halloween on a Wednesday with 21 five and six year olds today.... Yeah, I haven't been around much this week. BUT I promise I'm still keeping up with your blogs from my phone. Will make the rounds with comments soon! Heading to Dallas for the weekend after a MUCH NEEDED early release day tomorrow. I will check in with you all soon! Until then, here is a peek from our Halloween :)

Happy November!

"O Israel, put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love and with him is full redemption." Psalm 130:7

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  1. this week at school has been crazy!! so glad it's friday! have a great weekend!!


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