Monday, October 15, 2012

[photoaday] Week Forty One

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great start to your week. Unfortunately, three of my kiddos were out today... there is something going around my classroom! The downfalls of teaching... germs, germs, germs. Fortunately (and hopefully I don't have to take my words back later), I think I've built up my immunity from being around so many children. There was one week in February my first year of teaching where I was extremely sick... Other than that, I haven't really gotten SICK sick since (this is year four of teaching). Again, I hope I don't have to take my words back later!!!

Everyday with the Jays
[psst: if you take photos this week, use my button on your blog post and leave me a comment on THIS post with the link to YOUR blog post with your photos.... that's not confusing at all, is it? once you do that (and assuming you're a follower of mine), I will feature your blog one time with a few of your photos! remember, sharing is caring :)]

[last monday]: Look at this ADORABLE school jacket one of my students had on. Is it weird that I want to get one just like hers??? We have a printing shop in town that makes our spirit hoodies, jackets, and t-shirts for our school. I'm thinking Mrs. Johnson needs a zebra print jacket. Pronto.

[tuesday]: Another Kindergarten photo. We've been learning about plants and one of my adorable girls came up with this sentence (the kiddos aren't writing sentences on their own yet, but they are dictating sentences to me that match their illustration). Hilarious, yet true!

[wednesday]: Happy birthday to my dad!!! My absolute favorite photo of us :)

[thursday]: Teacher perks! The sweetest family brought me treats from a bakery in either Austin or San Antonio... I forget. An almond croissant and an apple turnover. YUM!!! I couldn't say thank you enough, delicious!

[friday]: Read a blog post from my friend Sam's mom (her name is Kelly: check out her blog here). She shared this verse which I have been clinging to lately: Satan is trying to drag me down, hmph. Hate when he does that! But this verse just reminds me to tell him, "bring it on".

[saturday]: A pretty exciting Saturday night at the Johnsons. We're crazy, we know.

[sunday]: Monthly luncheon at church! The "theme" was soups and salads, so I made this delicious salad with baby spinach, feta cheese, pears, apples, and poppyseed dressing. Sounds totally random but it is so good!

Have a wonderful week! Is anyone else watching Dancing with the Stars? Shawn and Derek are my favorites!!! Along with Melissa & Tony, Sabrina & Louie, and Gilles & Peta. That's a lot of favorites, but the show is just so fun!

"The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life." John 12:25


  1. That salad sounds delicious!! We love DWTS.....Derek and Cheryl are our favorite pros :). Oh and that picture of you and your Daddy is just beautiful!!

  2. That salad sounds soo yummy....I think I may try it:)


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