Friday, October 12, 2012

[favorites] Pumpkin Style

For this week's Four Favorites for Friday, I have turned to the lovely season of Fall... more specifically, Halloween, to share four great ideas incorporating pumpkins. I haven't purchased any pumpkins yet for my front porch (I have a scarecrow out there, along with a plastic Jack-o-lantern and many gorgeous fall flowers... but no pumpkins!) so maybe this inspiration will get me in gear.

Click on the given link below to head to the original location. On one of the links, it is only a generic site given... so I included that link plus my Pinterest pin. Enjoy!

[one]: How fun is this? Instead of carving the generic Jack-o-lantern face, use your drill and make designs and/or patterns. Then pop your candle/light in and watch the fun begin without all of the tedious work! Genius. (photo link only: if you know its original source, let me know!)

[two]: These pumpkins are right up my alley. I painted polka dot pumpkins last year and "monogrammed" centipede pumpkins the year before, so painting pumpkins is my sign of a good time. Plus the added bonus of the gorgeous ribbon? Beautiful! Ramblings of a Southern Girl did such a great job on these pumpkins: so fun!

[three]: Anything with a "J" or "Johnson" on it is good with me. Using a Silhouette, you could cut out letters or designs on cardstock or scrapbook paper: the possibilities are endless! This would look super cute on a front porch for trick or treaters to see! (this is a generic link to a main site, not to a specific post... so here is the link to my Pinterest pin as well)

[four]: This is such a great idea for a table centerpiece: candles visible in the pumpkin tops! Use the drill bit thingy that has a rectangle... thingy on it... you know, instead of a straight drill piece, it has a rectangle on the end of it? And it can make wide circles? HA I sound ridiculous. Just click the link to see what I mean. And I am a carpenter's granddaughter... Don't tell Grandpa (Mom and Nate, I'm talking to you two)!

People are just so creative. That's one of the fun things about Pinterest! And blogging! Seeing everyone's creativity... wondering, duh- why didn't I think of that! Such fun!

Happy weekend! We are enjoying Nate's parents being in town- they get to stay for three nights!!! That's a big deal when it is a weekend AND you're a minister (Nate's dad is a music minister). Can't wait for the fun to commence this weekend!

"He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." Luke 10:2


  1. I really do love the pumpkins that are light up! The candle holder pumpkins are neat too:)

  2. those pumpkins with the lights are so cool!


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