Saturday, December 8, 2012

[photoaday] Weeks Forty Eight and Forty Nine

Yes, yes. I skipped another week again. I don't know why I'm in a blog funk, ladies! Anyone with me on this? Is it the holidays? Who knows. I still love y'all and am still reading on your lives! If I don't comment, it's because I read your post from my phone... which I still haven't figured out how to leave comments from my reader... but anyways, onward!

Everyday with the Jays
[psst: if you take photos this week, use my button on your blog post and leave me a comment on THIS post with the link to YOUR blog post with your photos.... that's not confusing at all, is it? once you do that (and assuming you're a follower of mine), I will feature your blog one time with a few of your photos! remember, sharing is caring :)]

[monday] Front door all decorated! I want to add some poinsettias, and yes it is still 80 degrees in Texas, UGH, so it could work, but I know as soon as I get some, it will freeze. So I may leave it plain. Who knows!

[tuesday] I am SO addicted to this show! Anyone else watch? These two were my favorites from the beginning, but I'm so glad Melissa and Tony won, and that they now have their own trophy (since Shawn has won before and Derek has won a million times).

[wednesday] From our study books in our Wednesday night Women's Bible Study ("So Long, Insecurity" by Beth Moore: so good)! These biblical truths are comforting and encouraging when you feel anxious, stressed, and insecure. We serve a mighty God, ladies! Do not forget that!

[thursday] Oops, no picture

[friday] We are doing a Secret Santa exchange amongst the faculty and staff at school. I don't know who mine is, but they have been so generous! Snacks, drinks, and cute supplies like this! So sweet!

[saturday] We had a decorating party (of 5 ladies plus Nate) at the church. I need to share "after" pictures, it looks so pretty and festive for Christmas!

[sunday] My favorite cuddle bug, Chloe!

[monday] Craft night with two of my favorite ladies! They found adorable banners on someone's blog (I'm not sure which one, sorry!) and we cut them out with pattern scissors and added ribbon. So fun!

[tuesday] I had ANOTHER craft night with a dear friend, Bonnie! We saw an ornament swag made with ornaments and ribbon on Pinterest... so easy! She made red/silver and I made red/gold/green and they turned out beautiful! Looks like they cost a large chunk of money but it was so simple! Again, another post for that one!

[wednesday] The church received a catalog for this summer's VBS, Kingdom Rock! It looks to be very fun (medieval setting with castles and knights) and I am already starting the recruiting process!

[thursday] I purchased a white poinsettia and a student gave me a red poinsettia for Christmas! Beautiful flowers!

[friday] Date night and Christmas shopping with my darling! Chickfila, Starbucks, Ross, and Target were a few stops of the night. Love that I have a husband who enjoys shopping with me! He's too TOO good to me.

[saturday] Here I am (in red pants, SO CUTE, right?!) leading my little elves off the stage at our school's Christmas program! The kids wore red/green shirts with red/green elf hats. We sang "We Are Santa's Elves" from Rudolph and "Here Comes Santa Claus". They were so precious!

Another week down! So close to Christmas and my birthday! However, I am needing your prayers ladies! On Thursday, I am getting my wisdom teeth out at 6:45am. I am so nervous! Not about the procedure, but about the IV that will put me to sleep! I've never had anesthesia before, so I'm really stressing about it... So I ask... 

Have any of you ever had your wisdom teeth out? Everyone I've talked to has said to get the IV and go to sleep. That's what Nate did too when he had his removed a few years ago. You don't even have time to realize you're stressed! I'm hoping they're right... but it's the night before, the drive to the doctor, and the waiting that is making me nervous. I'm afraid I'll cry/faint/throw up/blood pressure will sky rocket. I HAVE TO REMEMBER that Jesus has got me and will be my strength even through a simple "surgery" like wisdom teeth removal! Think Jesus thoughts, think Jesus thoughts!

"I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Psalm 91:2


  1. Love all the photos. The front door looks great and I really wanna make an ornament swag! So fun.. I love the craft nights:)

  2. I LOVE your front door! Gorgeous! And we are addicted to DWTS too :). I'm glad Tony and Melissa won...they both seem genuinely sweet.


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