Saturday, March 23, 2013

[make] Farmhouse Wreath

Nate and I have classified our home decor style as "modern farmhouse", whatever that means. We take it as rustic/antique/vintage/shabby chic looking pieces and accessories tossed with fun colors and patterns. Maybe? Yes, no? It is still in MAJOR progress as we continue to update decor, furniture layout, and accessories.

However, I have been a terrible crafter and have not updated a front door wreath since Valentine's day. Well, I kept that wreath up through the end of February, so it's really only been a naked door for three weeks. Yikes. I missed St. Patrick's day, although I still have the adornments I created from last year's wreath. And now that Easter is next Sunday, which would only give me a week for an Easter-y wreath, I decided to update a smaller wreath I had purchased from Target and make it more "farmhouse" so it can be left up until I decide to get festive again.

Here's what I did to create a farmhouse-y wreath: when I think farmhouse, I think burlap. And burlap is as neutral as it gets, so this flower wreath from Target had the neutral colors I needed. Boom.

Supplies: flower wreath already purchased, burlap, sewing pins. The burlap was cut into strips, probably about 12"-16" long and 4" wide. There's no right/wrong way, they were actually pieces left over from another project that bombed. Crafter's life. I folded the burlap strips into little fans that had 3-4 folds in them and then pinned it at the bottom to hold it together, like so:

The wreath was pretty small, maybe only a foot or so in diameter (don't you love how my measurements are so precise? there's a reason I teach Kindergarten :) but again, no right/wrong way, use what ya got!).  I made 8 of these burlap fan thingies, like so:

I flipped the wreath over, which was basically a styrofoam wreath form, and used two more pins to attach the burlap fans to the back of the wreath all the way around.

Ta-da! Now my flower wreath has some farmhouse oomph added to it. It's a very subtle addition, but I like it. A lot.

10 points if you see my awkward face in the first photo and 20 points if you see Nate and Chloe in the second photo: I walked into the house after taking these and Nate was RIGHT there and made me freak out. He said, "Did ya see me in your pictures?!" I said, "Heck no! You scared me just now, I had no idea you were even in here!!!" #stalkers [and I just noticed in these pictures that my wreath hanger is not aligned in the center.... ugh. #decorproblems]

Have you and your hubs decided on a decorative theme on your home? I know, it's weird. Really we just buy what we like and work with it. But having a "theme" or "concept" helps us get the shopping in line so we don't buy a plethora of random decorations. Share your shopping tips and decor themes in the comment section: it's always fun to see what people do in their homes!

Happy weekend!

"They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, 'Hosanna!' 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!' 'Blessed is the king of Israel!'" John 12:13

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  1. This turned out gorgeous!! Totally wanna make one! It's great too because it could stay up through any season, year round. Great job lady!


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